HBC Trading Review

HBC Trading Review
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HBC Trading

HBC Trading Review – Do you want to become a trading investor? Do you want guidance from someone experienced? Or do you want to understand new and improved ways to self-teach trading at your own pace with just a tap? If yes, then HCB is the right choice for you.  It was founded in the year 2010 after serving its clients for more than two decades as a financial consultancy. HBC has its diverse investor pulling strategies that provide equal treatment for both old and new investors through offering wide range of services. At HBC, it is believed that a great firm should have very strong and close customer relationships and that is why HCB has launched various packages, schemes and services for you.

Consultancy background

As mentioned before HBC has worked as a financial consultancy firm since the year 1997. Later after two decades of strong performance, it was finally re-designed and reborn as the HBC Broker. Its headquarters are in United Kingdom and it still has the strong essence of building and keeping the strong relations with its clients or now we can say investors. That is why its policies, its applications, its services are customer satisfaction based. Through providing many options, it definitely tries to encourage both experienced and new traders to invest and learn with HBC.

Diverse attributes

The main attributes of HBC include an application for both Android and iOS users. Using the application, you can officially make your account in minutes with minimum deposits, as minimum as $250. If you hesitate to make an official account immediately and want to learn more, you can open the demo at one side. This will give you a great insight before making any investments.  This will be your personal account, and you can use it for both binary trading and for buying stocks, by using the same account. There is the chart and beautiful graph display where you can track down which stock is going up and by investing in, how much Bonus you can generate.

The application can run easily on any device you have, it is investor friendly, well elaborated application and is a great way of learning at your own pace.

E- trading

By designing a great and well-equipped website for those who prefer to use their desktops, HCB has so much awaiting for you. It also reminds that they are binary and forex options with the shared wallet. It depends on you where you would like to invest. If you check the website it is translated in two languages, English and Russian. In terms of pay-out on binary options, they offer 90% pay-out for your money with minimum deposits as low as $250. They wouldn’t charge any commission on your investment but they will charge spreads.

Supportive nature

By providing its customer services for five days a week, you can get in touch with HBC.  They are quick to respond, plus they also provide assistance for the new investors and help them learn through proper guidance by assigning them their representatives. Through the help of videos, they teach new techniques that can help you achieve maximum benefits. HBC has definitely made sure to pay close attention for its investors. You can also keep the track of your stocks or assets as well as the top traders who know how to and where to and when to invest for maximum benefit in future. You can even pay through variety of payment methods like credit card, Web money etc.


One of the attractive features of HBC is the offer of bonuses from the time you invest in. As you deposit further the bonuses will be offered further and accordingly. You can invest on all assets like gold, oil, metals, commodities, stocks, ETF s, CFDs too.

Account types

Three are three types of accounts with different offerings, depending on your deposits. Silver account, gold account and diamond account. You will get further investing options and you will be encouraged further to invest by attractive offerings if you go higher on the account type.

Demo trading account

A binary trading platform is customized especially for the clients by PANDA TS. You can check out the high and low trading while also tracking the top experienced traders. At one side the site will show you your chart records, one click trading option, beautiful timeframes. In short HBC has truly customized and opened a great window of opportunity for its investors.



Despite the negative reviews about the application, losing deposits or investment scams after creating an account on HBC, there are a lot of satisfied investors. By adapting user friendly, transparent investing, 24 hour updates and a well thought website, HBC has definitely dragged attention of investors from its rivals.  With a little effort on its marketing strategies, HBC’s introduction in the global market can expand its opportunities further. For now, you can take benefits of the user-friendly features provided by HBC website and mobile application to make some serious profits on your investments.


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