Forex Islamic Account

Forex Islamic Account
Forex Islamic Account
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About Forex Islamic Accounts

One of the most distinctive features of the Islamic Forex account is that it conforms to Islamic interest principle and this has popularized them as a swap-free account. There are no cumulative interests in alignment with Islamic precepts.

Procedures for owning an Islamic account

There are three convenient procedures to creating an Islamic account and they are as follows:

  •  Register to have a brokering account
  •  Confirm the account by logging in with necessary details
  •  Make an appeal for your Islamic account

Once we have gotten your application for an Islamic account, an immediate adjustment will be made to your account that bestows it with swap free features and grade. You will be notified instantaneously about this development with an electronic mail. It would be characterized by absence of termination, absence of spread broadening, absence of commissions and absence of any underlying monetary charge. After considering the aforesaid, it is clear that this account observes sharia principles to the fullest.


Overview of account:

  • Absence of interests or fees on overnight positions
  •  Absence of spread broadening
  •  Absence of advance charges
  •  Absence of restrictions on retaining positions
  •  Absence of requites and underlying charges
  •  A maximum leverage of 888:1
  •  Unrestricted entry to every trading platform
  •  Round the clock Client assistance from a dedicated account manager

Perks of the account

Our account delivers many distinctive perks and incentives that set it apart from Islamic accounts. While it is common practice amongst Forex brokerage enterprises that give Islamic accounts to broaden spreads as a means to make up for the absence of hidden payments, we do not enforce hidden payments in any form.
We observe Islamic financial principles and deliver an Islamic account that does not support the disbursement of any interest. Nonetheless, when interest payments are transformed into a new kind of payment, it essentially fulfills the same function. You can be certain that our enterprise does not approve or encourage this conduct. We are holistically dedicated to honest, scrupulous and principles brokerage operations.


Insight into Islamic Forex account

It is clearly stipulated and enshrined in Islamic law that interest in financial operations is not allowed. When this is considered, it becomes clear that it is applicable to every form of monetary operations which included Forex brokerage as well. Concerns for Muslims that would enjoy Forex operations but are inhibited by this law necessitated the creation of the Islamic account. This prompted numerous Forex enterprises to initiate Islamic accounts which are popularly referred to a No RIBA FOREX.

We’ve set aside the opportunity to inspect the main Islamic Forex choices and to give you an extensive correlation with the goal that you can see initially which Islamic Forex account is best for you. On the off chance that you wish to transform from a conventional Forex record to an Islamic record, many specialists will suit this change rapidly and effectively. We’ve noticed this capacity in the diagram underneath, alongside other essential data about our prescribe Islamic Forex accounts.
Before selecting an Islamic Forex trader, there are crucial factors that should be investigated. Matters that concern the nature of service and terms should not be trivialized. It is advisable to examine two Islamic accounts form distinct Forex enterprises to see which is preferable. Most brokers would prefer wider spreads in an attempt to have superior brokering platform and client assistance. It is imperative that you meticulously evaluate you’re alternatives. Additionally, you could study appraisals for a more informed decision.

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